New York City – Broadway is Going to the Dog — Roxy!

314px-Billie_Holiday_and_Mister,_New_York,_N_Y_,_ca__June_1946_(William_P__Gottlieb_04271)Before I left on my travel adventures I wrote Lanie for updates on how things were going as they moved towards the Broadway opening.

Roxy was chosen from quite a few professional canines¬†auditioning for the job of Billie Holiday’s dog, Pepe, in LADY DAY.

I wrote:

“Dear Lanie,
You have failed to tell me how Roxy is doing?

And Lanie wrote back:

“Roxy keeps stealing the scene from Audra. People are falling
for her pert little ears, she shamelessly cruises the
audience, winking & blinking at them, then, as if matters
weren’t bad enough she licks Audra’s chin , lips & now,
then laps up liquor from Audra’s glass! Only then does Jimmy
grab her and hussle her out! Lanie”

Will Roxy be in line for a Tony award?